KAYLIE | Bachelorette

I’ve known Kaylie for about 10 years, I went to college with her big sister who I’ve stayed friends with since. She gave me the opportunity to shoot her engagement last fall which was my first paid photography job that I was in control of. I spent Kaylie’s bachelorette day with her and her friends and family. We did a small photoshoot in old Montreal in the same spot where we did her engagement shoot.  Then I followed them to a tapas & drink making class and then to the hotel and finally out to a night club. It was a fun experience to work with a large group of women and to mix portraits with some photojournalism.

They were a pleasure to work with.



Sometimes words just aren’t enough, I just want to show you.

[Osheaga day 3, 2012]

All photos taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram

ST PATRICK’S DAY | the parade

This past Sunday was Montreal’s annual St Patrick’s Day parade. We had a great view from my new apartment and I took advantage by snapping a bunch of photos to share. The morning started off with green pancakes and coffee with baileys and then we headed out into the unseasonably warm weather to watch the parade and soak up the sun.

PHOTO WALK | Rainy day on the mountain

This past Saturday I participated in Scott Kelby’s annual photo walk. Despite the cold and rain, I got up early (8:30 is early for me on Saturdays) and hiked up to the mountain to meet up with a bunch of strangers to take pictures. Despite the cold and wet weather, it was fun to spend the morning with other photographers and walk around Mount Royal. I had forgotten how great the view is from up there.

Brome Fair 2011 in pictures

I haven’t missed the fair since I was being pushed around it in a stroller. Not much has changed in the past 20-something years and I’m happy about that. Sometimes you need a day to look at chickens and eat fried food till you burst. They called for  rain all weekend and we had a beautiful sunny Saturday and Sunday was a mix of extreme humidity and sun then intense thunderstorms. I’m not complaining, it made for some interesting pictures.