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KAYLIE | Bachelorette

I’ve known Kaylie for about 10 years, I went to college with her big sister who I’ve stayed friends with since. She gave me the opportunity to shoot her engagement last fall which was my first paid photography job that I was in control of. I spent Kaylie’s bachelorette day with her and her friends and family. We did a small photoshoot in old Montreal in the same spot where we did her engagement shoot.  Then I followed them to a tapas & drink making class and then to the hotel and finally out to a night club. It was a fun experience to work with a large group of women and to mix portraits with some photojournalism.

They were a pleasure to work with.


One of my favourite shots from a photo walk with friends this week. You can’t tell at first glance but that horizontal line of light on the left side is actually from the train passing through. Pretty neat, right? It’s definitely handy to have friends who will let you borrow their lenses. I love going out and taking pictures just for the sake of taking pictures and learning.

Taken with a 16-35 mm lens and an 8 second shutter speed. 


Sometimes words just aren’t enough, I just want to show you.

[Osheaga day 3, 2012]

All photos taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram


Street food vendors are illegal in the city of Montreal [hoping that will change one day] so when there’s a festival, a sidewalk sale or any other special event in the city, we take advantage of the street food available. On the positive side, we really appreciate them when they’re here.

This year at the Just for Laughs festival, we got to enjoy the Food Souk {an Arab word for marketplace} on St Catherine street between St-Urbain and Place des Arts. Though I didn’t (and couldn’t) taste everything on the diverse menus, I did try the lobster roll, pimento feta taco, Indian honey donuts, Myriade’s coffee and some homemade popsicles (not all in one visit, I like to eat but I’m tiny). You can find me on Instagram to see some of my iPhone photos of the food (tomorrow_emily) or click here. The Just for Laughs festival ended last Saturday but I am already looking forward to next year – mostly for the food.

I will be posting some photos of the Just for Laughs shows in the next post.